Tips for Understanding Search Engine Optimization

In today’s modern world, you don’t exist unless you have a website. It may sound over simple but face it, if you met someone and they handed you a business card without a website, you might think twice about doing business with them. Even though we know that our grade school child can build a site these days, we still feel a need to have one for our business.

But not all websites are created equal. In fact, Google most certainly does not treat all websites the same when you are searching. So how come some sites are so easy to find and others seem hidden? The answer is SEO or search engine optimization. It decides on the pecking order for the web, and all kinds of things can affect it. Here are just a few things you need to be aware of if you want to optimize your website for search on the web.

Give Them What They Want

Of course, for Google to be the best possible search engine, they need to deliver what people are looking to find. That is why a page about plastic molding that is helpful will move into a more visible place in search than one that simply mentions plastic molding.

And when a page gives you something specific you need to know, such as when it has a link on the page that says –  this guide shows which plastic molding is right for youthen it tends to value that page even more. Google wants to give the best possible solution for the words someone is using. But to do that they have to understand what the odds are you are looking for that very thing. Yes, it is complicated and now my head hurts, so let’s talk about something else.

Give the Website What it Needs

Now, on the other hand, Google wants you to get the kind of traffic to your site that you want. If your site sells stuff, then people who add words such as “on sale” or “best price” may get to your site more than one that just talks about those plastic molding machines. Google has its work cut out for it.

They need to make sure that people who wonder if anyone makes plastic molding out of recycled material, and sell it online, know where to find it. That is why Google makes rules on how to best meet their requirements, and then lets all those web developers know what they expect. That way everyone gets what they want, and everyone makes money from it.

Well, in a perfect world at least. But since we are not in a perfect world, Google makes rules that make sure everyone else plays by their rules or no one will ever find your website. Actually, it isn’t quite that bad but knowing and understanding SEO and how keywords are important can really help your website be visible to people who want to find it. That is, after all, what Google really wants to do. We want it to succeed too.

Post Author: Nolan Campbell