Three Gadgets to Make Your Computer Less Boring

If you work at an office on a computer all day long, you know that no matter what you do at it, there are times when you are bored out of your mind. You look out the window, providing you even have a window near you, and wish you were out there no matter what kind of day it is. After all, if the closest you get to heading to the great outdoors is pulling the bins in from the shredding services guys after they complete their weekly shred, you are ready for any excuse to walk away from that computer.

But we have been searching for another solution and think we may have found some toys for the cubicle and office that will make that day more interesting. From gadgets that simply lighten up your mood to something that will make your workload easier on you and your body, there is a bit of something here for everyone. After all, if we have to spend the majority of our lives in an office space in front of a computer, we might as well have fun too!

Treadmill Desks

Okay, I guess standing while you work is not exactly news, but this idea of exercising while you work might actually be kinda fun! If you are a real gym rat, this might be just up your alley. If you have seen the convertible desks that allow you to stand while you type, this is very similar except that it also has a treadmill to keep the feet from getting bored as well.

We know that sitting all day is very bad for us, and who the heck wants to just stand when you can walk instead? Just think of how sleek those calves will be come summer swimsuit season if you start with this puppy now!

Clips for Cables

Do you hate all those cords that snake out from your computer? I do and for those of us who work at home, that collection of cables can be really frustrating as they seem to take over our little office space in the dining room or back bedroom. These little clips sit on the back of your desk and gather the cables together just the same way a clip does for your hair, only neater!

They can be added in any place, will hold those USB cables that you use from time to time and keep the rest in a nice easy order. What could be smoother for us neat freaks who love to have everything in place and a place for everything.

Sticky Notes

Okay maybe sticky notes are old hat, but these guys are designed to look like those old floppies we once used in our computers. Remember those? If you don’t then you are just too young to be reading this! They come in different colors and for some of us are a walk down memory lane.

I remember when your entire hard drive came on a floppy in the early days of the Baby Macs. I doubt I could fit just this one article on a floppy drive these days, if you could even find one. So, use these cute sticky notes instead and pretend you are back in the simple days of floppy disks and simple one piece computers.

Post Author: Nolan Campbell