Technology opens new ways to communicate beyond death

Many of us have already thought of arranging our funerals or writing a will in order to make sure that the loved ones remaining on this planet will not argue over our legacy. However, we rarely think of the emotional side and the pain we can soothe just by details. A few options exist in order to prepare everyone to our disappearance as well as after we are gone. They are not necessarily expensive and can be done on our own or with the help of someone.

Talk about your dispositions

Mostly in case of fatal diseases, it is important to take the opportunity to say goodbye but also to inform your loved one about the arrangements you have made. By doing so, everything will be clear before you leave this Earth and changes can be made if you and your loved ones feel like it. For instance, it is usually daughters that inherit jewelry since they are more likely to wear the pieces. If it is the case, you have to think of a way to compensate the sons in order to be fair. Girls and boys are usually not looking for the same thing and as boys might be more likely to appreciate having your car, girls are usually more sensitive to the family necklace. But sometimes it is not that simple and that is why it is very important to mention what you have planned so the heirs are not fighting once you are gone. This is indeed very painful to think united families can explode because of what they might consider being unequal.

Write Letters

You never have the time to say all you want to say before you go unfortunately. Writing personal letters to your children, husband, wife and others you care about will help you and help them coping with the pain of your loss. Many people seek for encouragement in their own life. It is important that they have a proof of your love and support that can last forever. Feel free to tell them how much they meant to you, how they have to be strong and have to keep on living as the people full of joy that you knew. In addition to the emotional support, having your handwriting with them is something they will cherish. When someone you cared about dies, having to sort out their belongings and papers in always very painful, the piece of handwriting addressed to them will make their task easier.

Record a video

Embrace the new technology. Again, this is an opportunity to communicate to your loved ones how much you cared about them. Video production Houston can help you making a professional video but it can just be done with a simple camera. In this video you can also tell them what you would like to do with your remains such as cremation, burial… It is usually hard to ask someone you know to shoot the video for you as it can become very emotional fast. You can do it yourself any type of camera or ask professionals to help you with it.


Post Author: Nolan Campbell