4 Reasons Why Video Surveillance is a Must in Schools

Statistics don’t lie. According to reports, there have been roughly over two million crimes reported in about 85% of all public schools in the US alone. That is about a crime per twenty students. The stats may be higher or lower in other countries but the point is that there is a lot of unlawful activities going on in schools. These offenses range from trivial to serious. Some students engage in unlawful activities such as graffiti, vandalism theft, etc. however, there are more crimes students often commit. Since surveillance systems are being installed in other public places like banks, malls, and airports, the same measure needs to be put in place in schools to ensure the security of the staff and students.

Security Cameras Curb Theft

There is usually petty theft going on in schools – even the backdoor issues give concern. Many times, this happens in the locker room, in classes, offices and so on. Theft amongst students may cause a lot of problems one of which is accusing the wrong person of being guilty of the crime. Sweet as they may seem, students may be very cunning. Thefts may be an act of framing, and the framed individual might take the blame as there is no evidence to verify his claims. Not with video surveillance though. All activities are promptly seen and cases are judged based on seen evidence.

Reduces Fighting

Fights are part of the school culture. From time to time, there will always be a couple of kids who are throwing fist cuffs at each other. Many times, there isn’t reliable information to tell who started the fight or threw the first blow. With security cameras, however, all the details of the fight is promptly seen which helps the school authorities in passing true judgment.

Reduce Gang Crimes

In some schools, gang activities are prevalent. Rival gangs have been known to often fight with each other, constituting a big headache for the school management. With the security cameras, especially the Hikvisiontypes, gang activities can be majorly reduced, if not eliminated, as the cameras can help the school see all gang members, who then can be counseled and helped.

Reduce Total Crimes

Some will say that crime can never be totally eradicated. Security cameras have been recorded to have greatly reduced crimes in schools, up to 90 percent in some schools. People will most likely abstain from criminal activities when they know that they are being watched. So, therefore, students behave better when security cameras are installed, the schools are safer and every student can learn in a pleasant, risk-free environment.

Post Author: Nolan Campbell