Is relying only on the Internet to develop a business a good strategy?

Technology has arrived in our lives to make things easier. A few decades ago, going on a computer to look for an information was not our first idea. Slowly, because of its speed, convenience and cost, the web has become the first place to advertise.

Should we ignore the other channels?

Marketing is not a limited science. Creativity in advertising and publicity is always welcome to make you grow as a business. Over the years more and more banners and ads, whether they are pictures or videos have come to pollute our screens, offering us to buy items directly linked to our browsing history. As some people find these very convenient, most of us feel violated in the privacy of our own home and pushed to buy items that we do not actually need. We have to remember that as we are in front of our screens, we are vulnerable. We are usually located in a familiar environment like a living room or sometimes in our beds when a suggestion of purchase comes up.

When we go into a shop to purchase an item, the process that your brain makes is very different.

First, you have to think of the object you would like to purchase. You are then probably driving there, allowing you some time to think about it. Once there, people around you may influence your decision one way or another. You have the opportunity talk to a salesperson who is able to compare with you different items. And finally, once the item is in your cart, you have to go all the way to the cashier to purchase it. All this time allows you to change your mind a dozen times.

On the internet, with a few clicks, your item is already shipping.

However, is the internet necessarily the best method to grow in business?

Back to the five senses method

On a screen, most of the time, your attention is not directed to the ads that pop up.  Many items need to be touched or seen like cars for instance. With automotive direct mail, the potential buyers receives something he can touch. It will not be the item but the sense of touch and therefore the reality of the purchase is unconsciously here.

The pollution of the internet make our focus drop especially because it targets only one of our senses: sight.

Many studies have shown that all our senses should be targeted in a purchase experience. Indeed, in many shops, you will now find a very particular kind of smell that belongs to the shop. Your brain identifies brands with any sense, sometimes not even the one that is used in the purchase. For instance, colors from a restaurant. Taste should be the sense stimulated but it is by recognizing its colors that you will end up eating there. It is the same process with smell. Bakeries do not bake bread all day but spraying the smell of cooking bread and pastries trick the customer into buying more what his brain considers as freshly baked.

Post Author: Nolan Campbell