How to Harness the Power of Your Field Service Techs

In every business, one of the holy grails of expanding and improving the company as a whole is to improve the productivity of the field service technicians. Sometimes this can be accomplished through the use of a great piece of technology, such as Microsoft’s latest version of its dynamics 365 field service application. Sometimes it comes from a great book, such as Peter Drucker’s seminal work in the 1970s on management best practices.

In addition, there are a handful of great management concepts that many of the more successful businesses have used to improve and sustain motivation for our service workers out in the field. By implementing these ideas and using them as an organizational tool, Field Managers can find a way to not only get the best from their agents, but also make their jobs more rewarding. This is when the power of a great field team comes into play.

Less Talk – More Action

These days so many of us seem to spend all of our time in meetings. Meetings about how to be better at our job, how to use the latest tools and how to maximize our time. But our time seems to always be spent attending these meetings! For field techs, while those meetings that keep them up to date on the latest technology are great, it is important for their managers to recognize that they need to go beyond just talking the talk. Make sure that you are not just talking about working better and smarter, you are leading them by example. Doing, not just talking, is the best way to motivate your team.

Team Brains

We know that when a team gels and solves problems together the end result is always miles beyond what any one individual may have done. So, while you may have a superstar or two on your team, make sure to encourage team thinking, especially when it comes to problem solving. Any field tech can work with the rest of the team while out in the field, and more and more of the tools provided allow them to collaborate with everyone, regardless of where they are.

Make use of that team mind and the tech tools around you to encourage group solving of difficult problems. Unravelling the kinks of a particular problem through group effort is not only effective for solving the problem, it builds a team that works together well.

Understand and Use Individual Dynamics

In every team, there are the left-brain thinkers who always want to approach a problem in a logical manner. They are the ones that will stubbornly keep working at a problem, knowing that there has to be a way to analyse the solution. On the other hand, your right brain thinkers may bring a less analytical and more intuitive approach that can lead to unconventional approaches.

When you encourage both types of problem solving within your field team you have a group of problem solvers that can approach the solution from a variety of directions. This makes your job easier and their job less troublesome since they have more tools to pull from in their basket of team members.

Post Author: Nolan Campbell