E waste recycling

If you or your company are looking into E waste recycling then you should seriously consider the steps necessary that the company you are going to contact has the necessary certifications to make sure you are getting what you need from them. So long as the company that you are choosing is using proper protocols now the usual department of defense data destruction protocols is to wipe the computer three times and have a software check each wipe to make sure that each one is getting even the residual information out that way they can make sure that your data is actually being wiped. This data destruction process makes sure that all the information in the computer is either erased completely or so thoroughly altered and written over that it would be impossible for anyone to recover any of the data. Though using this method is very secure there is a very slim chance that this will still leave residual information it is very minimal and it is also worth noting that this process is a little more expensive than physical data destruction, which happens to be one of our most cost effective methods of data destruction. Now assuming that using the department of defense method doesn’t wholly destroy the data it is necessary at that point for you to destroy the hard drive in order to make sure that the data is fully destroyed. This process isn’t done there will be a chance that could still have your information stolen or recovered by someone else who might be looking to do ill to your or your company.

You might be wondering how much a process like this might cost you and the answer isn’t as simple as you might think because it varies greatly depending heavily on the size of the order and other factors such as the kind of data and from what source it is being deleted from. Also consider that making sure that each of the hard drives that present us with is fully deleted is a time consuming endeavor, obviously the bigger the drive that you need to wipe the more time it is going to take for it to be wiped clean. Consider also that even a few moments of added deletion time can add up making the process take longer than was considered previously consider to meet the standard each hard drive needs to be wiped three times and checked thoroughly to make sure that process is working. Consider that the average company will fairly price the value of wiping one hard drive at seven to twelve dollars per hard drive again when compared to physical destruction of the data there would be considerably less money to be spent so consider the budget your company has when you are considering what kind of data destruction you need to really be considering. In certain orders there can be a consideration for some discounts if you have a large order to place certain bulk deals can be added to your package.

Post Author: Nolan Campbell