4 Secrets to Unleashing the Power of Your Sales Team

As anyone knows who has ever walked into an automotive dealership, there are always the superstars that just seem to know exactly what you want and how to sell it. If you own a dealership you know who your rock star salesperson is, and you know that it isn’t just that smile that makes those sales. These are people who succeed because of an inner knowledge of what it takes to be ready to make that sale.

They also happen to be the salesperson who knows how to make the best use of their Auto Dealership Software and treat it like their own personal software tool. So, what makes them so successful? Here are a few tips that they have shared along the way that any salesperson can adapt to their own. There just might be a trick or two here that you can corner for your own success.

It Takes Planning

For most successful salespeople, no matter what industry they work in, success begins with planning. Most salespeople we spoke to sit down the night before and plan out their goals for the next day. This can include putting goals and reminders into their CRM to keep them focused. When they get up the next morning they can hit the ground running, because the day is already firmly in their mind.

Start Early and Quickly

Do you get to your dealership early, before the other salespeople? You may have noticed that the best salespeople are already there when you arrive, working on their paperwork and assessing every opportunity for business. Check out the inventory, review any trades that were completed the night before and you will have all the information you need at your fingertips when talking to clients that day. It isn’t only Boy Scouts who know how to be prepared, you can be too.

Hone Those Skills

Good salespeople are always learning. Your dealership should have videos on the latest products, dealer skill training manuals and information on how to be certified on specific new products. This kind of effort, which needs to be pursued every day, can make or break a top earner. Always check out the latest books on sales techniques and ask your manager for suggestions. Learning never stops.

Touch Base with Customers

Every morning I see the better salespeople making those phone calls and sending out those emails to prior customers. There are ways to keep in touch by utilizing the CRM to remind you of important dates and service updates. Holiday cards and birthday cards, hand signed, should be sent out to old customers. Make good use of social media to stay in touch with prior customers and spend time each day updating that information and acting on it.

Passion and Drive

In the end, we see that it is the salespeople with true passion for their work that succeed. They are the folks you see handing out business cards at every opportunity and talking about the dealership and its history as well as their role in it. It is this passion for what they do that also separates them from other salespeople and keeps them working hard to succeed.

Post Author: Nolan Campbell